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Name:Elodia Ynez "Honey Lemon" Borrero Espinosa
Birthdate:Dec 19
Location:San Fransokyo, California, United States of America
TL;DR: Slightly AU Honey Lemon. Canon compliant to the events of the movie.


Honey Lemon is a San Fransokyo Institute of Technology student majoring in Chemistry, a superheroine on a team called Big Hero 6, and perpetually cheerful. She likes to sew her own clothes and runs a little Etsy shop with her creations up for sale, enjoys the multi-cultural cuisine of San Fransokyo and likes to try out new recipes when she can, though she's been asked not to use the Bunsen burner to cook with anymore after the Wasabi Incident. Supportive, loving, warm and sunshiny, she takes her tea with honey and a side of lemon.

She has the most amazingly supportive and embarrassing parents in the world, who she will forever keep from her friends. She gets enough of her papa calling her every week to make sure she's okay and chide her over how short her skirt is on her superhero outfit and her mama telling her about a nice boy she met Honey should meet when she has a break. It's a good life going to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, working towards making the world a better place through nature's toolbox and diving into the things that have always interested her the most. There's just one thing that could ruin it all for her, a well-kept secret that could come crashing down if her parents saw her as thin as she is right now.

Honey Lemon is anorexic, addicted to the rush of energy she gets from running on empty. She uses her energy in the face of exhaustion to help fuel her greatest brainstorming sessions and some her best ideas come from those on-the-edge moments. It's not okay. It's really not healthy. But she doesn't think of it as a problem. She's a scientist. She's got it all under control, right?

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